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Mildred Simantov, founder of the brand Girls Have Periods, is slightly upset by the Contemporary Art World. So she turns back to her first love : semantic design, the weight of words on objects very lights.

Mildred Simantov, fondatrice de la marque Girls Have Periods est fraîchement indisposée par le monde de l'art contemporain. Elle revient aujourd'hui à ses premiers amours : le design sémantique, poids des mots sur objets lights.



Mildred is born.
Mildred gets bored.
Mildred creates stuff.
Mildred sells her objects in concept or department stores. >
Mildred gets a lot of press publications. > 
Mildred is defined as a Semantic Designer by the French Magazine L'Express - © B.Brasseur -
She agrees with it and stops working in 2002.
Mildred gets bored.
Mildred creates stuff.
Mildred founds the Sanzo Kuhnam publishing house – The inauguration day takes place at the Palais de Tokyo in 2007 >
Mildred becomes the half of Thornander-Simantov in Contemporary Art.
Mildred* is featured at the Nuit Blanche 2010 >
Mildred* writes and directs videos >
Mildred* releases a music album at the Palais de Tokyo - 2012 >
Mildred* performs a concert at the Palais de Tokyo in October 2012 >
* : Thornander-Simantov
She agrees with it all but she starts questioning Contemporary Art in 2012.
Mildred then founds Girls Have Periods in April 2013.

Mildred dies but just not today.
Click here if you want to reach her